Africa Safety

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Your Safety – Our Responsibility


We specialise in Risk Assessments where we identify, evaluate and estimate the levels of risks involved in a work environment, their comparison against benchmarks or standards and the determination of an acceptable level of risks.

Our aim is to monitor the safety on site and to ensure that the Client complies with the necessary Safety and Health Regulations and Requirements.

We compile all the necessary documents as per request of the Client or minimum Legal Requirements set out in the Construction Regulation.

Our Incident Investigators will analyse an incident based on information gathered by a thorough examination of all contributing factors and causes involved.

We conduct monthly inspections on areas and equipment specified.

Our Internal Auditors are charged with providing independent and objective evaluations of the Client’s Management System and to ensure continual improvement of the Management System.

We specialise in HAZOP. Which means a hazard and operability study that is a structured and systematic examination of planned or existing process, operation in order to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel, equipment, and prevent efficient operation which is carried out by a suitably experienced multi-disciplinary team.

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