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SHEQX Management System

About the SHEQX Management System

The SHEQX Management System Manages the relevant systems and processes into one common framework that drives business excellence and ensures continual improvement. It also regulates the safety of your projects and ensures compliance to required Legislation and reporting on projects safety.

The App is user-friendly it includes information regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations and related documentation. It also has easily accessible details to the different Departments of Labour across the Country.

You can conduct paperless inspections on different topics for the specific activities performed. The completed inspections can be forwarded to Management via the multi-share options i.e. whatsapp, mail, google+, messaging etc. All inspections are tracked and can be reviewed later on.

This application is less time consuming and a very specific guide to the relevant regulations and Construction Regulation including templates of supporting documentation and in-app inspections which will ensure principle and sub-contractors compliance to the legal requirements creating a safer working environment for employees.

Benefits of the SHEQX Management System

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    Cloud Based Solution
    Mobility, accessibility, enhanced functionality and services on demand without expensive infrastructure costs.
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    Outlook Integration
    Audits, Inspection and Meetings sent via outlook meeting invitations to ensure all relevant parties have update invitations scheduled in their calendars.
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    Smart Compare
    Smart Compare checks for personal protective equipment (PPE) issued, training records and medicals from an employee or contractor compared to what was set up in his Job profile. Managers will then get notified if they have not met what required in the Job profile.
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    User Profile
    The profile is a quick way for a user to see what interaction is required within the system which enables users to successfully manage efficiency and focus on what is important.
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    Visual Audit Trail
    The visual audit trail will show you who interacted with records that you are the owner of, similar to a social media timeline.
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    Easy System Integration
    The system allows for integration with Environmental, Quality our any other management system.
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    Dashboards – Trending and Analysis
    The system provides interactive dashboards for real time reporting and management statistics on indicators for detail analysis across all modules within the solutions. This drives better decision making and trend analysis.
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    Smart Reminders
    Peace of mind on expiry dates of Policies, Procedures, MSDS’s, Permits, and more.
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    Smart Notifications
    Smart notifications is send out on actions, escalations, reminders and updates.
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    All modules come standard with reports to allow users to email and print the reports easily and effectively. All reports can be viewed online and exported to Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.
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    Data security is assured using multiple encryptions and secure connections.
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    Data Integrity
    Data is constantly mirrored across multiple data centres in various regions to ensure data is always safe and available. Regular backups are also done to remote facilities to ensure the safety of our data.
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    USSD Integration
    USSD technology provides the capability to log records in the system from anywhere by using any GSM mobile device.
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    The system broadcasting allows for messages to be sent to specified groups within the organisation and real-time monitoring of who has read the broadcasted message.
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    Online Word Editor
    The online word editor built into the software to allows users to edit documents and procedures directly in the system without having to first download the document, then editing it and having to upload it again.

Modules included in the SHEQX Management System

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    Easily book and track equipment for calibration.
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    Document Manager
    Loading of SHEQ documents on the system for easy access with version control and revision reminders. Documents can be uploaded, or links to documents that are stored anywhere.
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    Permit Management
    Enable the tracking of critical dates such as permit expiry dates,obligations and conditions to ensure complianc
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    Audit Management
    Planning, scheduling, execution and reporting of any audit with ease.
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    Customer Management
    Manage Contractor details. Stakeholders, Interactions, Non-Conformances, Compliments, Complaints, Related Documents and Actions.
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    Objectives and Targets
    Get complete insight to the status of your objectives and targets. Links Objectives to Strategies.
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    Change Management
    Plan different types of change management, administer the cost and the return on investment strategy of change management.
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    PPE Management
    Keep a register of PPE issued and PPE required to do the Job.
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    Legal Requirements
    Store and manage legal risk categories. A pre-defined list of Environmental Health and Safety Risk Categories is provided to help you get started.
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    Non-Conformance Management
    Enforce the identification and documentation of non-conformance events and follow a structured analysis and root-cause identification process as well as preventative and corrective action planning.
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    Legal Appointments
    Enable the tracking of critical dates, such as appointment expiry dates, obligations and conditions to ensure compliance.
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    Occupational Job Profiles
    Manage Job Profiles effectively and manage predefined training, medicals and PPE for every occupation.
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    Meeting Management
    Manage meetings effectively, schedule, track and record all management review meetings with related documents. Easily keep track of scheduled meetings and trend on attendance and actions raised during meetings.
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    Community/Stakeholder Management
    Manage Community Stakeholders, Interactions, Non-Conformance, Related Documents and Actions.
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    Risk Management
    Assist in identifying risks, implementing controls and continuous monitoring of key controls. Improve the visibility, management and reporting of risk to prevent incidents and losses before they occur.
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    Employee Management
    Employee and contractor personal details, work history, training and qualifications as well as permits and licenses are maintained in the system.
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    Supplier and Contractor Management
    Manage Contractor details, Stakeholders, Interactions, Non-Conformances, Related Documents and actions.
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    Emergency Preparedness
    Test emergency preparedness plans trough regular exercise or drills.
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    Training Records
    Keep a register of all employees and contractors trained.
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    Action Manager
    Assign and track corrective and preventative actions.
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    Drive innovation, promote engagement and capture great ideas.
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    Medical Surveillance
    Keep track of required medicals integrated into the Job Profile and Employee Management Modules.
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    Incident Management
    Manage incidents from identification, investigation through to action management and closure.
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    Manage hazardous substances effectively through the provision of advanced safety data sheets for all of these substances.
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    Strategy Management
    Define and manage company strategy. Link strategies to current Objectives.
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    Inspection Management
    Planning, scheduling, execution and reporting of any Inspection with ease.

Download the SHEQX Management App

Search for “Construction Safety” by “App Developer Studio” in the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store.
Get the link by clicking on the appropriate store below.

Application Guide

  • The main menu helps you to easily navigate to the features you want to use.
  • View the Operational Health & safety Act
      • Find the Act, regulations and appointments related to General Operational Safety and specifically Construction Safety.
  • Do an inspection
      • Find any of the Construction regulations to complete while you’re on site
  • Inspection History
      • View all the previous inspections you have completed on your device
  • Find Department of Labour Branches
      • View all the Department of Labour  Branches in South Africa with their contact details
  • Find the menu item you are looking for
  • View the files on your device
  • Send files via e-mail
  • To unlock all available inspections please buy the package using your credit card
  • Monthly Excavation inspection is available free for you to test the functionality
  • You can view definitions and the regulation attached to each inspection
  • Enter all your details and name the inspection you are doing
  • Attach up to three photos from your device camera or gallery
  • Answer all the questions trough a simple yes or no selection. If your answer is “no” the App will ask for a comment to explain your answer.
  • Add your signature to the inspection when you are done
  • Choose to only save the completed inspection to your device or to save and immediately send via e-mail to your supervisor or other stakeholders.
  • View all the previous inspections you completed on your device.
  • Choose to view the inspections for reference or share them via e-mail.
  • Please note that inspections are stored on your device and will be removed when you change devices.
  • We included the details of all Department of Labour Branches in South Africa in the Construction Safety App.
  • Navigate to the Province and the specific branch.
  • View details about the branch such as their operating hours, telephone number(s) and addresses.
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